What to do in Menorca? Part II: Activities in the interior of the island.

We leave you this post that we have made in a very personalized way and with a lot of love, thought to give you our best tips of different plans that we consider worth doing in Menorca. We recommend it from our experience! Today we will focus on land and inland activities that can be done in Menorca.

Activities in the interior of Menorca

In the interior of Menorca, there is a wide variety of fascinating activities to discover. From exciting hiking trails to guided expeditions through the ancient talayotic villages, where you will discover the fascinating history of this island. Here are three indoor plans that we loved:


In the interior of Menorca, there are thousands of tracks and roads that connect the villages and hamlets. These routes are very pleasant and simple with hardly any traffic, perfect to enjoy a quiet bike ride while contemplating the authentic rural landscapes of the island pedaling through fields, immersing yourself in the natural beauty of Menorca.


The Talayotic Route of Menorca is a guide through the remains of ancient prehistoric villages that had been inhabited on the island. Talayots are megalithic structures characteristic of Menorca and are believed to date back to between the second and first millennium BC. These constructions, along with other elements such as navetas and taulas, are part of the archaeological wealth of the island.

Some of the best known are: Torre del Galmés, or the Naveta dels Tudons. You will find more information about the Talayotic route here.


The well-known “Camí de Cavalls” is a hiking route that surrounds the coast of Menorca, linking all the beaches. It has its origins in times of British denomination, when it was created to join points of difficult access and thus have greater surveillance. Today thousands of hikers walk along it, it is a way to know the Minorcan coast, to reach the most pristine beaches and discover the great contrasts of its beaches.

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