Navigation routes

Menorca beaches by boat

We leave from the port of Mahón. There are two fascinating options to explore: the Northern Route and the Southern Route . On each of these routes we will discover spectacular beaches, which not only include the well-known destinations, but also secret corners where few reach. During our excursions, you will have the opportunity to enjoy a relaxing paddle surf ride or dive into the crystal clear waters of Menorca for snorkeling.

*Important: The choice of the route will depend on weather conditions, thus ensuring a perfect experience.

North Route:

The Northern Route is distinguished by a more virgin and arid landscape, with sands of orange and reddish tones. Nature in its purest state will leave you in awe. In general, this route is less crowded, offering a quieter experience, reaching places where we will be practically alone.

We leave the port and head towards the north of the island. The first swim of the day is usually at Cap Negre or Sa Mesquida, a particularly nice place for snorkeling. Then we headed to the Illa d’en Colom, a paradise, perfect for fonder in a sandbank and crystal clear waters with beautiful views of the natural park of Es Grau, between the island and the lighthouse Favaritx look for the most suitable place to stop, swim and eat quietly. Corners such as Cala Rambles, Cala Tortuga or Cala Presili are spectacular.

For those who still want to go further, past the lighthouse of Favaritx we will fall in love with Mongofre, spectacular virgin beach, or past Addaia the corner of Macar de Llosa, a spectacular site of white sand and turquoise waters.

*Important: With the Llaut the routes are not so long, we usually stay at the nearest beaches, it has a slower navigation.

South Route:

This route is characterized by clearer waters with a stunning turquoise blue, whiter sands. In addition to the beaches we mentioned, we love to look for and stop in hidden corners between the cliffs, to find the maximum tranquility.

Leaving the Port of Mahon, before reaching the south we find the small village of Alcaufar and Caló Roig ideal for the first swim of the day. Then we reach Punta Prima, where we will be surprised by its turquoise waters and the beautiful Illa del Aire (marine reserve). We continue and look for the most sheltered corner to stop between Binibeca, Caló blanc or Biniparratx, all with lots of charm. Past the area of Biniparratx we will be amazed to see in the cliffs numerous caves and secluded corners where we will have the opportunity to feel the history by observing caves that once served as tombs in ancient necropolis. This fascinating route finally takes us to the emblematic Cala de Cales Coves .

For those who want to go further, reaching Llucalari, Son Bou or even Binigaus is perfect.

*Important: With the Llaut the routes are not so long, we usually stay at the nearest beaches, it has a slower navigation.