Catering on board

Savor your day on the boat!

Make it easy, adding food on board is the ideal complement, save time in cooking, we take care of it. Choose the option that best suits you, all local and quality product. “Picnic Menu”, we recommend it for those of you who do a full day excursion, very tasty and practical dishes to eat on board. If you do a half day excursion you can add a“typical Menorcan snack” . Or if you simply want to accompany your boat trip with a good wine from Menorca.

*Recommended for full day:

Picnic Menu

From "La Rosquilla".


(Menu for 2 persons)

*Recommended for half a day:

Sweet or savory snaks

"Typical form Menorca".


(Ideal for 3-4 people)

Salty appetizer

"Typical form Menorca".


(Ideal for 3-4 people)


From "Ulisses".


  • Sa Cudia Favaritx White 21€

    Malvasia - IGP Illa de Menorca

  • Señorio Rubios Taranis 14€

    Albariño - DO Rias Baixes

  • Sa Caterina White 26€

    Malvasia, Chardonnay, Macabeu. - Vt Menorca


  • Sotomanrique Naranjas Azules 18€

    Garnacha - DO Cebreros

  • Torralba Alba Rosado 25€

    Monastrell - IGP Illa de Menorca


  • Castro Ventosa - El Castro de Valtuille 12€

    Mencía - DO Bierzo


  • L'Olivera Reserva Brut Nature 20€

    Parellada y Macabeu - DO Costers del Segre

  • Champagne Aubry 50€

    Brute reserve