Reservations and cancellations

How do we work?

To reserve:

Once you have chosen the date you must check availability, via phone, email or whatsapp, if the boat is free and the budget fits you we will provide you with an email where you can make the reservation.

In order for the boat to be formally reserved for the desired dates, a 50% deposit must be paid in advance by bank transfer or bizzum company.

The rest of the payment is made on the same day together with the extras requested and the gasoline consumed. (Possibility to pay by credit card or bizzum company).

Gasoline rental:

Gasoline is not included in the rental price, it is paid separately. In our boats we have a liter counter, which can be set to 0 at the beginning of each trip, at the end of the route the amount will be calculated according to the price of the liter the same day at the gas station in the port of Mahón.

At any time, the skipper will be able to inform you about the consumption.

Cancellation policy:

From Marama we will do our best to make sure you have the best possible experience on board. Unfortunately sometimes circumstances overrule our wishes, which from time to time forces us to cancel some of the trips that have been previously booked.

Below we detail our cancellation policy for all the different causes that we can foresee.

1. Customer cancellation policy

“We are very flexible.”

Cancellations may be made freely and free of charge with a minimum of 48 hours notice. In case of cancellation within 48 hours, the reservation fee will not be refunded, except for medical or force majeure reasons.

2. Bad weather cancellation policy

“First and foremost we will apply common sense.”

In no case will we force the excursion to take place on a day when our clients will not be able to enjoy our boats to the fullest, showing the greatest possible flexibility in terms of itineraries, schedules and pick-up points.

If weather conditions are adverse, we will try to find a change of date for the excursion, as long as the boat is available and the client has more days.

In the event that an alternative date cannot be found, the total amount paid in advance as a reservation will be refunded.

Adverse conditions will be considered:

  • Strong swell forecast, with wave heights exceeding 1.5 meters in the area where the boat excursion takes place.
  • Strong wind forecast with speeds in excess of 22 knots.
  • Heavy rain is forecast for a period of time exceeding 20% of the total duration of the excursion.

3. Cancellation policy by the company

That this is the reason will break our hearts and it is rare, but unfortunately sometimes ships suffer unexpected breakdowns. We will always try to find a similar boat to offer the service, in case it is not possible we will refund the totality of the reservation.

If you have any doubts or questions you can ask us:

686 23 58 01 or