Useful navigation tips

Is this your first time on a boat?

Here are some recommendations to keep in mind when sailing or renting a boat.

  • Check the weather forecast before leaving:

A good sailor has to be very proactive and study the weather forecast before setting off, it is vital. Not every day is a good day for sailing, even if the day appears to be sunny and clear, the wind and sea conditions must be taken into account.

It is necessary to analyze what kind of wind will blow in the area and what will be the level of waves. Based on this, choose the best areas to navigate and have no surprises throughout the day. Menorca in general is a very easy island, it has a lot of shelter, if the winds are from the north, we will generally sail south.

  • Sun protection:

A day on a boat is many hours of exposure to the sun. Sailing with the wind and the breeze we don’t feel the heat and sunburn, but the rays affect us just the same. So take on board: hat, sunglasses and sunscreen!

  • Anchorages:

If you rent the boat yourself be very careful with the anchorages in Menorca, as you know the posidonia is a protected species and it is totally forbidden to anchor above a posidonia meadow. It is necessary to be very careful when anchoring to do them if we can on sandbanks.

In addition to taking care of the seabed, we must take into account when anchoring to respect the bathers’ area (never go beyond the area delimited by the yellow buoys). We must also respect the boats around us and respect certain distances.

  • Respect for the environment:

More and more plastics of all kinds are found in our Mediterranean waters. It is our responsibility to take care of the environment and prevent our waste from ending up in the sea. When sailing it is easy for things to fly and without realizing it they end up in the water.

We must try to maintain order on the boat, to prevent plastics and other objects from ending up in the sea.

Here are some good seafaring practices:

– If possible, try to use as little plastic as possible, cardboard containers, normal or wooden cutlery.

– Do not throw leftover food into the sea.

-If we see plastics on the beach or in the water, it costs nothing to do our bit and pick them up.